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ArtistBerry Aktuglu

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Berry Aktuglu

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Berry Aktuglu

Atelier Mave is an illustration and surface pattern design studio, got its roots in Istanbul, now based in Milan (soon also to be in Berlin), founded by Berry Aktuglu with a passion for creating colorful and quirky illustrations and products.

Each design starts with hand-drawn lines; has its own playful characters and color combinations that draw Mave ‘s joyful vocabulary. Her favorite materials to create are gouache and pastel paints.

Berry designs patterns for all sorts of products for children and adult markets in fashion,stationery, home design,… And she also works on editorial illustrations for magazines, book covers, posters, apps and e-books.


Anthropologie, Piyama, Suite By Jennifer, Jeanne Voilier, Pop By Gaea, Lisa Says Gah!

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