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Illustration Commission


Illustration Commission

As the first creative agency dedicated to representing illustrators in Japan, CWC represents and manages prolific world-class creators from all around the world to clients in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

Looking for a piece of art to promote your project? We have decades worth of experience providing artwork to a diverse list of satisfied clients. If you have a specific creator or work already in mind, or have questions about any artist or commission rates, please don’t hesitate to contact us!




Need assistance contacting an artist you wish to communicate and collaborate with? Let us search for you!  We can also help you match the image in your head with an artist. 

Our services range from recommending artists, scheduling, submitting assets, and assisting with communication. We strive to provide a smooth and satisfying process, resulting in an excellent piece of work at your job’s conclusion.

Blythe Official Agency (Japan)


Blythe Official Agency (Japan)

As the authorized distributor for Blythe and master licensee, we have full creative control of her image and extensive experience providing creative imagery using Blythe as a model for your advertising, sales promotion, and licensing needs.

About Blythe




Starting from Jeffrey Fulvimari’s offerings, we produce licensed goods of many of our illustrator’s works. We will help you find solutions for any visual licensing assignments, whether it be searching for artists, illustrations, or creating new work for your products.


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