We provide services regarding the usage of CWC's illustrators and characters for the creation of advertisements and products as well as the wholesale of our original products, among other requests.


イラストレーション制作 Illustration Agency

CWC is an Illustration Agency based in Japan that represents illustrators and graphic designers from all over the world, working as a bridge between our distinguished illustrators and their clients in all of Asia including Japan. We will accommodate a broad range of needs. From advertising, product design, and book and magazine illustration, our experienced, bilingual staff will be there every step of the way. Illustration needn’t only be portraits and landscapes either; from characters, textile design, how-to illustration, hand lettering, or even illustration for animation.
Please feel free to contact us about your future commissions or projects, help estimating a quote, or simply requesting a reference package on any Illustrators you are interested in.
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Blythe(ブライス)公式代理店としての業務 Blythe Official Agency

As the official seller and license holder of the world reknown fashion doll Blythe, CWC oversees the total producing as well as the creative marketing of the product. We manage licensing and any usage requests for her likeness, along with overseeing the creative production of any associated products. Feel free to consult us on using Blythe for a job, our representative will help you achieve your vision.
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ライセンシング Licensing

Starting with Jeffrey Fulvimari’s license deployment, we also act as consultants for illustrators around the world wanting to start their foray into licensing their illustrations. If you are looking for an illustrator or image for your product, we will be happy to consult you on who would be the perfect fit with your ideas.
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企画制作 Planning and Production

CWC boasts a creative team staffed exclusively by Women called Junie Moon. From planning, design, to production, they are able to accompany a project all the way down the pipeline. Junie Moon specializes in production for a largely female audience, including book publication, planning for an art exhibition, and product design such as fashion design for dolls and graphic design for packaging. Junie Moon is also available to be commissioned as a free-lance design team for external projects.
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商品開発および商品卸 Merchandising

Using our strengths as an international company, we are planning and producing a number of products that tap into our current era. With Blythe and Jeffrey Fulvimari as our unique assets, we produce a myriad of lifestyle and stationery goods which we sell through retailers as well as through wholesale. Please contact us here if you are interested in purchasing our products for wholesale.

企業カレンダー Corporate Calendar

CWC is always on the lookout for illustrators that may correspond with a potential client's corporate calendar. With our unparalleled lineup of artists and experience with producing numerous calendars, we will plan and support a wide range of projects that will fit your needs. We will also handle all copyright usage, budget negotiations, and contract agreement for foreign creators.
Corporate Calendar