Idoia Montero, New and Upcoming illustrator from Spain!

Introducing a new illustratior, Idoia Montero.

She did a main visual for RMK Christmas Special kit for 2016.


Please enjoy her Q&A!

  1. When did you start illustrating, and why?


When i was a child, maybe 7 years old, there were paintings of the faces of women in my school my books, which I would spend the class drawing. Painting has always been my great escape, my own world where I can express myself with freedom and passion.


  1. When you first became interested in art, what were the first things that you drew?  What was it that attracted you to that subject matter?  Do you have influences?



I drew women’s faces, their bodies and their hair from the beginning; at first it was very realistic. I also painted with oil which I had classes for for a few months. The teacher wanted me to paint landscapes, I always refused. My biggest influence on my work is the painter Frida Khalo. She painted with her heart, passionate and strong. she’s an example for me. Egon Schiele and Hieronymus Bosch have also been my influence since I was young.   3.Do you have a favorite artist, musician, filmmaker, actor/actress, writer, athlete, etc?

My favorite painter is Frida Kahlo and Pollock, I think that their lives are very inspiring because they did what they needed to do without demanding admiration, which is why they were recognized. The two had stormy lives but knew how to do something magical through their work, and their art saved their lives many times.


I love music, in fact I can´t paint without it. I listen to alternative, pop, classical, instrumental; many styles of music. Radiohead and A Winged Victory for the Sullen for example accompany me when I paint. My favorite filmmaker is Woody Allen, who is just wonderful.


  1. What media (paint tools like water color or acrylic..etc) do you use?

I started with oil paint, and I think I will return to it soon because I always fee free, for me the oil leaves you room for mistakes. Watercolor has been and will always be one of my favorite tools. I love the control it has, and it doesn’t allow for so many mistakes so the watercolor teaches you to define the limits what you really want. I also use many colored pens, ink and sometimes acrylic. Those support the drawing like a spine, and sometimes those tools are the ones that finish the job.




      1. As we all know you have done RMK job recently.  How do you feel when you see the final product?


Working for RMK has been one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. I have to say that creating the 2016 Christmas Cosmetics Kit has been a smooth experience because of how organic the process was. I was able to develop my work with a lot of freedom within the directions they gave me, which can be very rewarding for an artist. I feel that the end result is wonderful and the final product is very attractive and magical. When you see it you think “I want it!”.


  1. Have you been to Japan before? If so where did you go?


No, I have never been to Japan but I am sure that when I do I will feel that I have been there before. From a very young age I have felt a strong connection with this country and I think that this connection is expressed in my work through the colors and the cleanliness of my forms. There have been many people who have seen it in my work.


  1. What kind of job would you like to do in Japan?

As I said before, Japan is one of the places with which I have a strong connection, so to be able to express myself there and if somehow my work influences people there, that would be great. Live painting, illustrating books or fashion magazines, becoming part of a project for a brand would be something exciting I would like to do.


  1. If you have any messages to Japanese fan, please write!

For me, It is a true honor that Japanese girls love what I do, to be able to reach such a far culture with only intuition and heart is something that seems like magic. All I have are words of thanks for all the messages they have sent me. Thank youuuu!!!

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