Brand new product-Blythe is printed on “Cakes” !

CWC will be expanding the usage of Blythe’s license in Asia.

First off will be cakes and macaroons! Sale for these adorable confection’s will start this week.

Here are some examples of Blythe’s licensed products:


These are brand new!

Blythe will be printed on whole cakes, macaroons, and cup cakes!

Write a personalized message or add a photo as you like.

Order online and get it delivered in a climate controlled package!

Click here for more info.




We are rolling out a new series of professional and consumer-use nail gel’s.

Blythe will be featured as the main visual theme, using her hair color as a representation of the color of the nail gel.

Click here for more info💅


✨Kyoto Marubeni

Blythe’s pop and retro stylings will be enhanced with these furisode and shichigosan kimono’s!

Click here for more info🌸

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Lolita umbrella brand Lumiebre will be collaborating with Blythe! Check out the blue and ivory color ways.

Shop Here☂️




Be ready for the coming new year! Blythe will be featured in each years schedule book, and 2019 is being worked.

Click here for more info.

*Picture is this years schedule book.📖

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