Cristina Rodriguezクリスティーナ・ロドリゲス

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Colorful, innocent and instantly disarming, the works by Cristina Rodriguez radiate a zest for life. Her paintings, usually made with oils on linen, reflect a unity between animals, humans and the lands that they abide in. Her composition knows no boundaries, easily drifting from a natural landscape setting to a flattened picture plane where figures, plants or objects remain nestled in their own personal spaces. Rodriguez’s style is remarkable, both simplistic and elegant at once, she pares down her figures and scenery to essential components, heavily outlined and draped with bold beautiful colors.

Her upbringing in Colombia and subsequent journeys around the world have inspired and refreshed her creative spirit. “Storytelling and color are engraved in me since I was born,” she explains. “All I have done is use that gift and recreate into my own personal language as an artist.” Her works have been exhibited in Colombia, London and New York. Cristina Rodriguez lives and works in London.