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From his studio in London Chris Long works in a variety of styles using both digital and traditional media. His illustrations are colourful and witty, stylish and playful.
“My favourite thing is people watching. I’m lucky to live in a major city. Who could resist the endless parade of different fashions and styles?”

Chris has almost thirty years of experience as an illustrator and has worked with clients in the US, UK and Japan as well as throughout Europe. He still enjoys using traditional media to create textures, painterly line work and effects rather than rely on the computer. “I think it’s important to keep the human touch as much as possible. Plus, I enjoy painting and drawing . I also love colour, so my work is often bright and expressive in that way. I like simple shapes and designs and often look at poster art from all eras for inspiration”.

Music is another passion and he will often have music playing in the studio. “It can give you a real lift to get started in the morning, though I don’t like listening to the radio, I find the voices distracting, so I’m much happier with one of my own playlists.”

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