Japan Illustrator Gallery

Japan Illustrator Gallery is a group project featuring a myriad of
artists and creators based in Japan to create items inspired by Japan.

CWC’s very own Masaki Ryo and Chico Hayasaki will be releasing
T-shirts illustrated by them.

This vibrant T-shirt is by Masaki Ryo. His elegant illustrations of
women in Spring are perfect for the coming season.
At a complete contrast to Masaki’s T-shirt, Chico Hayasaki created
this monotone yet, supremely charming drawing of Mt. Fuji. This
T-shirt would look great with any outfit!
These T-shirts will be available at the stores below:

・February 4th~ Tokyu Hands Ginza (Maronier Gate Ginza) 9th Floor
・February 4th~ Tokyu Hands Shibuya 7th Floor

Purchases can also be made Here!

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